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07882 595694

07882 595694

We offer our own certificated Leaderinstructor course

Afan Valley MTB have been delivering excellence in Mountain Bike Leader Training for Twelve Years on behalf of MIAS and latterly SMBLA in the Afan Forest Park in S/Wales. More bureaucracy and yearly fees  from these organisations means more cost to pass on to you.

Do you really need a qualification

Where the costs keep adding up year on year.

Be aware that other courses are accepted by Insurance Companies as a Bona Fide method of proving Training in Mountain Bike Leadership.

We have found no less than 12 of these companies on the Internet offering Training, they all use a similar criteria for their courses.

We know we can provide you with what you want at a minimal cost of £199.00.

We provide Training in Mountain Bike Leadership at two levels by qualified Instructors who are qualified. To the standard of the NGB.

We provide a certificate of attainment and a Statement of Competence for all students.

The two Levels of training and Assessment we provide are as outlined below. For more information on the course give us a call.


This is for instructors who will lead groups off road on way marked tracks below 600 meters and within close proximity of immediate aid. These might be; way marked cycle tracks, canal tow paths, and forestry tracks. These would involve skills such as; climbs, descents, pedal kicks, short track stand and wheel lifts.


Instructors who wish to lead groups into moorland, upland or mountainous terrain up to 600 meters and within 30 minutes walk of habitation. Technically a little more demanding and will employ climbing and descents over loose surfaces, single track, log hops, jumps, small drop offs, deep mud and water crossing.

Pre - Requisites for Course Attendance

Students must be over 18 years old

Hold a First Aid Certificate (pref Outdoor)

Produce a Log of 5 rides 3 of 3 hours duration and 2 should be of a minimum of 5 hours duration

2-3 detailed route cards should also be included.

Day 1 Training

Route planning - Route cards - Navigation -

O/S Map reading & Risk Assessments

Action Centred Leadership theory - Group Management

Bike Setup  Practical- Fuel and Hydration

Practice and display Personal Riding Skills

Plan a route for the forthcoming day.