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07882 595694

07882 595694

Mountain Bike and Cycle maintenance instruction & training courses learn how to become a Bike Maintenace mechanic at Glyncorrwg

Maintaining and repairing your mountain bike or Road Bike isn’t rocket science.

Bespoke Courses can be run for individual clients to reflect work on their own specific project Bikes.  

There are some components such as expensive shocks that have to go away to specialists for overhaul. But you can save about 50% on Bike Shop costs by removing them and sending them away yourself.

It’s all Hands on,

Bike Enthusiasts 1-2-1 Full day Bike Build £120.00

With the above in mind we will teach you the enthusiast how to totally strip a bike & re-assemble it & put a maintenance plan together.

Simply sort out a couple of weekdays or a Sunday that would suit you and ring 07882595694.

We will tell you there and then if we are free on one of those dates.

Instruction is carried out by our qualified Bike Techs. With the Student being called upon to perform hands on tasks all of the day.

Gift Vouchers available.

Components Covered

Tyres Tubes Punctures

Front & Rear Wheel Bearings (cones)

Wheel Truing, Spoke replacement

Removing F/Forks & Headset

Size Steering Tube

Star Fangled Washer replace

Remove Bottom Bracket Cartridge & HollowTech

Remove & Size Chain

Fit new Indexing Cable Rear

Index Gears set Limit Screws

Simulate Brake Bleed

Replace and Centre Brake Pads

Remove Rear Wheel Cassette

Remove Freewheel Hub

Courses run on Sundays & weekdays only.

1-2-1  One day Course


Bring a friend for £80.0

2 Day Intensive MOD Hands on Course


Rent an Instructor for your group tuition day


If you work for the Ford Motor Company this course is available on site at Bridgend on a Tues & Thur.

Please refer to Cheryl at the EDAP Office.